Shyamkhola lake , West Bengal ,India

_st place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2022

Volume of aquarium: 24 litres

Dimensions of aquarium: 36*26*26cms

List of fishes: Colisa Lalia

List of plants: Vallisneria Nana
Potagometon Octandrus Green

Description of Decorations and Substrate: Driftwood. River gravel. River pebbles. Clay pots. Fine river sand.

Description of Equipment: Shiruba pf60 hang in back filter
Aquael leddy smart plant led lighting.

Water Parameters: Temperature is 24.8°c.
Ph 7.5
Kh 8
Gh 8

Additional Info: Water change of 8 litres once every week.

Aquarium video:

Description of the Area Surrounding the Biotope: The area consists of villages with dense orchards,a mixture of natural and planted vegetation, open croplands and pknds of different sizes. There are several bamboo groves which attract many birds. Nectar eating birds and insects congregate in this area. The water bodies have created a serene and a very interesting biotope.

Description of the Underwater Landscape of the Biotope: The substrate of the lake comprises of small gravels, sand and clay bed. Some twigs, woods, bamboo sticks and stones are there. Even waste products like earthen pottery are also seen. They act as a natural shelter for many fishes and bottom dwelling loaches.

Description of the Habitat Parameters: Water is translucent. The ph is around 7.5.
The degree of hardness is around 8 dH.
Temperature range is 24-30° Celcius.

List of Fishes and Invertebrates Occurring in the Nature Biotope: Danio rerio. Puntius terio. Puntuis sarana. Colisa lalia. Parambassis lala. Parambassis ranga. Devario aequipinnatus. Dermogenys pusilla. Xenotodon cancilla. Palaemonates species.

List of Plants Found in the Nature Biotope: Vallisneria species
Hygrophila polysperma
Anacharis elodea densa
Potagometon species
Najas Indica

Threats to the Ecology of the Biotope: Residential buildings are coming up replacing the greenery. Orchards are converted into small factories or workshops disturbing the tranquility of the area. Though it is very rich in its flora and fauna at present, with all its threats. The future is bleak and climate change also leading up to drying of many smaller water bodies.
The rich greenery of the city is losing its existence due to urbanisation .

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