Heiko Blessin (Germany) JBL GmbH & Co. KG
Dear aquarium and biotope aquarium keepers, We are happy that biotope aquarium keeping is increasing all around the world! Many aquascaper switched to biotope scaping because it is much more challenging. You don’t just design a beautiful layout, but you have to combine beauty with natural facts and elements from the natural prototype! Biotope scaping starts already with your choice of a natural biotope: You need to google information and pictures. You have to find out, what fish, inverts and plants are living together – and this already is pretty difficult. For me, biotope scaping is the ultimate challenge in aquarium keeping – and it’s more fun than anything else! There is another important effect: I am involved in political discussions with animal right activists and the german government. The activists have no realistic knowlegement about aquarium fishes and inverts but they claim that aquarium are not suitable for fishes and inverts. With biotope aquariums you can stop them, because there is absolute NOTHING, what they can say against it! It is the most natural animal keeping in this world, sometimes even better than in the natural biotopes! Therefore JBL company supports the russian biotope aquarium contest! We want to support our aquarium keeping. Aquariums are defintily one way to enthusiast kids and people to protect our worldwide nature. Is there anything more important than this on this planet?