Preliminary selection of aquaria

Before the members of the jury begin evaluating entries, the Organizing Committee will carefully check all aquaria against the rules and can decline an entry at this point. A participant will be notified of errors made in his application form no later than 2 days after submitting and will have to correct his errors no later than 2 days after the organizers send him the notification. Otherwise, the entry will be declined.

Correct title

Correct description

Correct fish and plants list

Correct photos


Evaluation criteria

  • 1. Biotope title and description (1 to 10 points)10%
  • Biotope title and description is exact, detailed, interesting and corresponds to the content of the aquarium.

  • 2. Aquatic organisms (1 to 20 points)20%
  • Fishes, invertebrates and plants in an aquarium are exactly the same as in the specified biotope.

  • 3. Combination and viability of aquatic organisms (1 to 20 points)20%
  • Population of the aquarium is chosen in the right proportion, not harmful to their cohabitation. Predators do not threat other species. Volume of the aquarium is sufficient for the number and size of aquatic organisms. The aquarium conditions are suitable for the species. The inhabitants of the aquarium look healthy and exhibit beautiful color. There is no signs of stress. Plants are planted as they grow in nature and fishes can school.

  • 4. Decorations selection and placement (1 to 20 points)20%
  • Decorations in the aquarium look natural. Stones, driftwood, gravel and other items are similar as much as possible to those found in the biotope in color and size. The aquarium space is used efficiently. Layout of decorations and plants in the aquarium looks as close as possible like the appearance of this biotope found in nature.

  • 5. Biotope aquarium beauty (1 to 20 points)20%
  • Scape created in the aquarium is harmonious. Nature beauty of individual sections of the biotope recreated successfully. The biotope aquarium composition is balanced. The accents in decorated space are placed properly.

  • 6. Photos of the aquarium and aquatic organisms (1 to 10 points)10%
  • Main photo of the aquarium is of high quality and conveys the atmosphere of the biotope. All specified aquatic organisms are visible in the photos. Successful techniques for photographing were used. E. g.: special light, wave, rain. Equipment is hidden for shooting of a photo. Glasses of the aquarium are free of dirt and algae.