Lake Tanganyika. Congo, Moliro

12th place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

india India. Darpan Dhawan

Aquarium Volume: 270 L
Fish and invertebrates: Tropheus Moori “Moliro”
Plants list: None
Biotope description: This Aquarium was scaped with though of Lake Tanganyika / Congo Moliro and live stock selected for this biotope is Tropheus moori “Moliro”Common name: Tropheus moliro fire cracker. I use Rocks to create this underwater landscape, from very large to small sized and Very Fine Sand to make it look Natural, as i read they find in shallow precipitous, rocky area so i used some very large rock which even come out of water and make tank look more natural and feel shallow like, Even After watching Tropheus Moori charter in Aquarium, i added some more small to med size rocks as they Love and need to hide in that, I feel the behaviour of fish is different in Dawn and Dusk time,for this Reason i captured my tank video according to that, They love algae Grazing on rocks so Kind and health of algae plays big role in that, they Love to eat green as well as Brown/Reddish king of algae, i feel that this natural and fresh growing food provides them some special nutrition to maintain there health and Colours. Light, i am using T5-6500K with Mixture of Blue and White LED. I Feed Dry Pellets once a day and using auto feeder to feed, when Aquarium lights are off (Room Light ON). But main thing about this biotope is that i am using aquarium light with timer under Formula of  Dawn and Dusk, Wile using this Formula i feel fish remain in there Natural habitat and dose not effect more to there charter, Algae on rocks Do photosynthesis after few hours and even Releases Oxygen, Over that we can watch them showing nature Habitat Fighting, Grazing and even shoaling.

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Comments of the members of the jury of Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

One more Tanganyika biotope very well done. The overall composition and placement of rocks are amazing. The green algae in the rocks give to layout a Natural atmosphere.

André Longarço (Brazil)

I kept on looking and looking at this setup. I could not get my eyes off it and I did not know why. I knew there was something special about it but I could not put my finger on it. All of a sudden I saw it, the fish and the parent rock used where very similar. The fish seem to disappear between the decorations. I do not know if the biotoper did this on purpose, but I found it extremely unique. The biotope description was also very nice to read, few people wrote on how they created the aquarium.

Ivan Mikolji (Venezuela)

I have only been to border of Сhipimbi/Moliro and your choice of dark rocks look very natural! The tank could be even more improved by using less sand and smaller rocks instead. I do think the size of the tank with 270 liters is too small by at least half the liters.

Evert van Ammelrooy (Netherlands)