Central America Costa Rica rivers coasts

63rd place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2017

turkey Turkey. Ali Türkmen

Volume: 135 L
Dimensions: 75x45x40 cm
List of fishes: Amatitlania Nigrofasciata, Gambusia Affinis
List of plants: N/A
Description of decorations: Oak pieces and leaves, Magnolia grandiflora leaves, banana leaves, palm pieces, sand and rocks
Description of equipment: 4 × 14 watt T5, 2 × 20 watt lamp, Eheim 2226 filter
Water parameters: 12 dH, Ph 7.80, Temperature 24°

Description of the area surrounding the biotope: Costa Rica is a country of 51.000 km2 Central America. The country is between the Pasific and Atlantis. Have rica bio diversity. %25 of the country is in a national park.500.000 more animals are being hosted. 850 kinds of the birds. 600 species öf butterflies. Thèse 1200 kinds of orchids.There are many kinds of fish in tehir waters. Costa Rica voted on December 12 2015 to sign Paris climate agreement. Bu 2017 almost all of its electricity was generated from Renewable sources. Sims to reach zero carbon emissions in 2021. Volcanic mountains, Tropical Rain forests, mangrove forests, cloud forests and many things awesome.

Description of the underwater landscape of the biotope: Dry and wet wood pieces on rocks and sand

Description of the parameters of the habitat: 9 – 20 dH, pH 7.00 – 8.00, Temperature 20°- 30°

List of fishes: Amatitlania Nigrofasciata, Poecilia Salvatoris

List of plants: N/A

Sources of information: 3:55 & 4:20 min