A stream of the Nakdonggang River, tributary Hwanggang River

_st place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2022

Volume of your aquarium: 37 L

Dimensions of your aquarium: 45*27*30cm

List of fishes: Rhodeus ocellatus, Semisulcospira libertina, Nodularia douglasiae, paratya compressa

List of plants: Vallisneria spinulosa S. Z. Yan

Description of Decorations and Substrate: Similar to actual nature, mossy round pebbles are decorated on the floor.
The sizes of the floor particles are diverse, and the image of them rolling around at gentle flow rates was reenacted.
Vallisneria spinulosa, a native plant, is bent along the unilateral water flow, and this also reflects the appearance of a native habitat.

Description of Equipment: filter system: Aquael versamax2
lighting system: par30 led bulb 5,000K

Water Parameters: Temp : 22ºC, PH :8.0 GH : 6

Additional Info: water change is once on week, Plant roots dig into the sand. so prevent the occurrence of anaerobicization.
Vallisneria spinulosa S. Z. Yan’s common name is nakdongnasamal(it means An endemic species in nakdonggang)

Aquarium video:

Description of the Area Surrounding the Biotope: The Hwanggang River is the second longest tributary of the Nakdonggang River.
The hwanggnag River originates from The Sambong Mountain(sambong mountain is part of Deogyusan mountain) and flows southward, passing through Muju, Geochang, Gimcheon, Lake Hapcheon, and eventually joins the Nakdonggang River.
The total length of the river is 111 km and the area is 1,339.88 km²

Description of the Underwater Landscape of the Biotope: The flow rate of the river varies from tributary to tributary, but is generally gentle, so the size of the stones that make up the bottom varies.
In general, it gets a lot of sunlight, so there is a lot of moss on the stone, and it is good for fish that mainly eat it.

Description of the Habitat Parameters: The average temperature is 17.3ºC but in the summer it is 27.6ºC, in the winter it is 5.8ºC
The average PH is 8.0, GH is 5(1dH = 17.8 ppm(mg/L(caco3)))

List of Fishes and Invertebrates Occurring in the Nature Biotope: Rhodeus ocellatus, Silurus microdosalis, Rinogobius giurinus, Macropodus chinensis, Paratya compressa, Semisulcospira libertina, Nodularia douglasiae

List of Plants Found in the Nature Biotope: Penthorum chinense Pursh, Vallisneria spinulosa S. Z. Yan, Ceratophyllum demersum

Threats to the Ecology of the Biotope: Due to the construction near the upstream of the river, the flow of the river is changed or the lower part of the river becomes dry to some extent.
This can be a very serious threat to the ecology of endemic species that only inhabit certain areas.

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