Under Plane trees Trikeriotis River, Xelidona Evritanias, Greece

_st place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2022

Volume of aquarium: 360lt

Dimensions of aquarium: 135 x 45 x 65cm

List of fishes: Barbus peloponnesius, Telestes pleurobipunctatus, Squalius sp. Evinos.

List of plants:

Description of Decorations and Substrate: Roots is from Plane trees from the exact nature point, also pebbles and sand is from Trikeriotis River. Limestone is from Xelidona Mountain.

Description of Equipment: The aquarium runs with a chamber filter, Eheim compactON 1000 on it. Fluorescent light 2 x 54w.

Water Parameters: Temperature 18c, pH 7.8, GH 10, KH 8, NH3 0, NO2 0, NO3 0

Additional Info:
Fish have also collected from the exact nature point at August expedition .

Aquarium video:

Description of the Area Surrounding the Biotope: 38°47’43.3″N 21°39’21.9″E
Trikeriotis River is one of the largest in Evritania. It is formed by the connection of the rivers Karpenisiotis and Krikelopotamos at the location called Dipotama Prousou just before the Monastery of the Prousou. Near Xelidona village αat 350m elevation run beside the road, through a forest of Plane, Salix Alba, Alders, Crack willow trees. Quercus coccifera bushes complete the vegetation around the water. Plane trees have the roots in the river, many birds and wild animals lives near the river, Wild boars come to the river to drink water and eat from the vegetation around.

Description of the Underwater Landscape of the Biotope: At dry season in August the water is low not more than 70-80cm in deeper parts, clear water at the center of riverbed with round rocks. At the banks there is sand sediment, branches and tree trunks, also trees have the roots in the water.

Description of the Habitat Parameters: Water parametres 12 August 2021 12:00 Temperature 18c, pH 7.85, 520ppm

List of Fishes and Invertebrates Occurring in the Nature Biotope: Salmo farioides, Barbus peloponnesius, Telestes pleurobipunctatus, Squalius sp. Evinos.

List of Plants Found in the Nature Biotope:

Threats to the Ecology of the Biotope: The main problem of this water system is the pollution from municipal waste and the industrial units of the territory.

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