Biotope Aquarium Workshop

St. Petersburg, January 21, 2017

January 21, 2017 in the ecological and biological center of St. Petersburg a popular science conference will take place, where there will be a few interesting events dedicated to biotope aquarium, as well as awarding ceremony for the winners of international Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016 from Turkey, Russia and Taiwan.

Biotope aquarium is a separate part of the hobby devoted to the study of the natural habitats of aquarium fishes, invertebrates and plants and to the subsequent recreating of parameters close to the natural conditions in aquarium. Biotope aquarium combine scientific approach and artistic vision of nature beauty. Such aquaria are optimal for keeping and breeding fish. Every year we hold the international Biotope Aquarium Design Contest, and its participants do a great job of collecting information on the nature habitats of fishes, setup very beautiful aquaria, and sometimes even save endangered species from extinction. We consider it our duty to promote this trend and bring more culture and science into the aquaristic.


  • 14:00-14:50. Opening of the exhibition of oviparous cyprinodontiform fishes. Excursion to the aquarium room of EBC.
  • 15:00-15:50. Freshwater biotopes and their recreation in aquarium. Learn beauty from nature. [Oleg Labutov]
  • 16:00-16:50. Master class. Setting up a biotope aquarium. Basic rules and nuances of creating. [Svetlana Kirillova, Varvara Kozmenko]
  • 17:10-18:00. The awarding ceremony of the international Biotope Aquarium Design Contest.
  • 18:10-19:00. Influence of invasive species on the underwater biotopes of the island of Taiwan. [Wei-Cheng Jhuang]

Entrance to the event is free!

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How to get there?

Address: Saint Petersburg, Krestovsky prospect 19, ecological and biological center “Krestovsky Island”. On the map >>>



Ecological and biological center ``Krestovsky Island``


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