West Africa

The 26th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2014

romania Romania.  Binder Marius

Volume: 130 L
List of fishes: Anubias nana Petit, Anubias heterophylla, Anubias congensis, Anubias gracillis, Anubias barteri nana, Nymphaea lotus zenkeri
Biotope description: In this setup I tried to copy the Togo river in the zones full of anubias, lotus, stones and roots.

My 2nd place is West Africa. I cannot understand why it came at this contest in the 10th position, it was although simple, but nicely done with the correct plants and fishes, as well as decor. Very poor was the description and also the location was poorly described.

Heiko Bleher (Italy)