Unnamed Stream, in Utikini Baru, Timika. West Papua, Indonesia

The 38th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2015

 Spain. Álvaro Gutiérrez Manjón

Volume: 100 L
List of fishes: Pseudomugil sp. var. Red Neon, Melanotaenia australis (вместо Melanotaenia macculochi)
List of plants: Microsorum pteropus, Microsorum pteropus var. Narrow. Microsorum pteropus var. Windelov, Microsorum pteropus var. Trident, Cryptocoryne wendtii var. Brown, Cryptocoryne parva, Cryptocoryne pigmea, Bolbitis heteroclita var. difformis, Vesicularia dubyana
Biotope description: A great unknown Creek, reconstructed on the basis of information about nearly rivers and some videos. Guinea Island is almost unexplored. Here we can find streams, rivers and lakes with lots of plants that they coming mostly from Southeast Asia. It’s very rare for there to be part of Oceania plants from another continent in these rivers. Clear water with little current and lots of vegetation and wood. The substrate used is JBL Manado. Inside are 6 driftwoods that serve as attachment to the ferns. 2 vine driftwoods, 2 red moor driftwoods, 1 mopani driftwood and 1 mangrove driftwood.