Tributary of Koyna river near confluence with Krishna river, India

14th place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

belgium Belgium. Jeroen Vanhooren

Aquarium Volume: 100 L
Fish and invertebrates: Botia striata, Devario aequipinnatus
Plants list: None
Biotope description: This aquarium simulates a small tributary of the Koyna river near the confluence with Krishna river. Koyna river originates near Mahabaleshwar and is one of the major tributaries to the Krishna river. Koyna River flows in a southward direction for about 65km, turns sharply eastwards at Helwak, in which direction it flows until its confluence with the Krishna River at Karad. Stream velocity, temperature and pH in these streams are driven by monsoon. The water in this small stream that drains into Koyna river is well oxygenated and relatively soft. Temperature is fluctuating 17-27°C, pH 6,8-7,5. No macrophytes can be found in this system. River bottom is dominated by gravel and cobbles of different sizes. Botia striata and Devario aequipinnatus live sympatric with several other fish species in these waters (Labeo porcellus, Puntius jerdoni, Rohtee ogilbii, Schismatorhynchos nukta, Tor khudree and Neotropius khavalcho and many, many more). Cyprindae are the dominant group with the beautiful endemic Puntius sahyadriensis, which seems to be dissapeared in the hobby. Koyna river system is relatively less threathened by anthropogenic pressure, although fishing pressure, tourism and organic pollution in some parts of the river coul not be neglected. A major part of the Koyna River backwaters is also protected by the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Sadly enough climate change is having a unpredictable impact on the water quality. Changes in extremes during monsoon are already observed. Since Botia striata is a habitat specialist within a relatively small area and the pressure on other river systems it lives in is not neglectible (with special attention to siltation due to deforestation), Botia striata is assessed as Endangered in the IUCN Red List.

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