The sandbar of Tanganyika Lakeside

49th place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

turkey Turkey. Ömer Eliaçık

Aquarium Volume: 430 L
Fish and invertebrates: Tropheus sp. “Red” (Chimba), Tropheus sp. “Red” (Moliro), Tropheus sp. “Ikola” (Kaiser), Tropheus sp. “Black” (Kiriza), Tropheus brichardi (Isonga),  Tropheus brichardi (Ujiji), Tropheus duboisi (Halembe), Tropheus moorii (Chaitika)
Plants list: None
Biotope description: I adopted biotype work of my aquarium, which hosts eight different WC tropheus species, from the rocky and sandy coastal region of Tanganyika Lake. Tanganyika is the sixth biggest lake of the World and 300 fish species living in this 32 900  km² field are endemic. Lake has many geographical variants and pecies in the same variants doesn’t live in the same territorial. Keeping this species and variants together in the same tank is rare. I tried to present a natural life environment with natural rocks collected from river for eight different WC topheus species that keep together in the same tank. These rocks covered with alga became the natural nutrition source. I placed quartz and coral sand in order to balance the PH, KH, GH of water in the tank as like in the lake water. I investigate the underwater scenes of Tanganyika and I prepared a special background similar to the natural water colour of the lake for the tank. I tried to catch natural Tanganyika ambient with all of these work that I made.

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