Somewhere in Brazil

The 26th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013

 Serbia. Branislav Mandic

Volume: 72 L
List of fishes: Apistogramma agassizii, Paracheirodon simulans, Corydoras panda, Ancistrus sp.
List of plants: Eleocharis sp., Ceratophyllum demersum
Biotope description: The aquarium setup was based on imagionar part of some river in S.A. There is not a lot plant species. There is parts of trees in water, also leafs, branches. Water is a ”brown” coloured because of tanin. Several kinds of fishes could be viewed in a small area. Sunlight is not strong, so visibility under the water is poor.

This again is a nice biotope but not having been specific name or location (Brazil is bigger than Europe) and in addition having a species which is not even found in Brazil (C. panda) only known from the Río Ucayali system, Huanuco State, Peru, and it does not justify a placement in the first 10.

Heiko Bleher (Italy)

Another tank with very natural and elegant feel. Dark, crystal-clear water (even though it’s stained brown), balanced composition.

Piotr Kierzkowski (Poland)