Small river in Jambi province, Sumatra

The 14th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2015

belarus Belarus. Jury Shamkalovich

Volume: 70 L
List of fishes: Sphaerichthys osphromenoides, Parosphromenus sumatranus, Brevibora dorsiocellata, Boraras maculatus, Betta falx
List of plants: Cryptocoryne cordata, Riccia fluitans
Biotope description: A small river in Jambi province, Sumatra. In thickets of Cryptocorynes Betta falx and Parosphromenus sumatranus hide. In open areas there are schools of small Rasbora. The water is soft and rich in products of the decay of fallen leaves.

You can feel the slow flow of this small river. Shape and size of aquarium is perfect for Betta and looks like they are enjoying it.

Petra Bašić (Croatia)

The Sumatran chocolate gourami biotope is lovely, and demonstrates perfectly that so many small fish naturally live in shallow water, where the water is calmer, cover can be dashed into and there are fewer predators. A lovely tank.

Jeremy Gay (Great Britain)