Rio Tapajos, near the city of Santarem, Brazil

34th place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

greece Theodoros Alexiou

Aquarium Volume: 688 L
Fish and invertebrates: Geophagus tapajos, Uaru amphiacanthoides, Corydoras ornatus
Plants list: None
Biotope description: This aquarium setup tries to represent a Rio Tapajos biotope. A great tributary of the Amazon river. In the confluence of Rio Tapajos with Rio Arapiuns, near the city of Santarem in Brazil, dwell the Geophagus Tapajos. Here in the clear water streams, they swim in large groups of twenty or more fishes and they meet with an abundance of other fishes such as the Uaru Amphiacanthoides which are also swim in large groups. At the slopes of the shores of Rio Tapajos there are long streches of fine muddy sand with little vegetation and a complex of fallen tree branches, submerged tree roots and submerged boulders and stones, where they can browse for food and they can seek shelter. In the shallow waters of these shores they come to breed and raise their young!

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