Oyapock river, French Guiana

26th place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

turkey Turkey. Timur Tekbaş

Aquarium Volume: 280 L
Fish and invertebrates: Astronotus ocellatus
Plants list: Vesicularia montagnei, roots
Biotope description: The biotope I made is an example of a dark and still part of Oyapock River. There are two Astronotus Ocellatus in the biotope aquarium. I tried it to be looked more natural by making the water unclear for photoshoot. In still parts of the river, roots and rocks create a shelter for plenty of fish species by forming walls. Half rock half mud enable a spawning ground. Leaves that are subsided and blighted make up residue. Water that is not flowing and subsided residue cause unclear water continuously. The transmission light is not enough because of lush trees on the surface and that’s why some species of plants do not grow. Some species of moss which are slimed can be found. Roots are the best places for fish to survive. Leaves falling on the surface sink and then creates a ground at the bottom. Oscar fish can eat each kind of fruit and small insects that fall into water. Being an area that is under the tree is a perfect chance for them.

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Comments of the members of the jury of Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

I see a perfect aquarium with Astronotus exactly as the author created it. It gives a complete picture of how these fishes live in nature. The volume is 280 liters, but I can not help feeling that the aquarium is much larger. It could be in place in any public aquarium exhibition. This is an atmospheric entry, it gives the feeling of presence, tranquility and meditation. The charm of this aquarium is in its simplicity. Everything is on its place. Turbid water and sediment on driftwood look natural. The touch of human hand can not be spotted. Driftwood at first sight are in chaos, but in an orderly one. And it’s a huge difference. This is what distinguishes the biotope aquarium from mirror copy of a natural waterbody. I like the harmony of color, all the elements of the aquarium are of the same colors: ground, driftwood, roots and the background, and even fish. The fish is perfectly visible. The background looks very natural. The fish in the photo are semiadults. I think it would be good to have an adult couple with their fry. It is a self-contained, complete composition, but it is easy to imagine the continuation of the underwater scenery outside the picture. This is a very important component in the design of a biotope aquarium.

Yuriy Yancher (Ukraine)