Osered River, shallow water near Pavlovsk, Voronezh Region, Russia

123th place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2019

Russia. Ivan Ufimtsev

Volume: 45 L
Dimensions: 60x21x36 cm
List of fishes: Gobio brevicirris, Theodoxus
List of plants: Potamogéton alpínus
Description of decorations: Fine river sand, natural granite stones
Description of equipment: BARBUS internal filter 500 l / h, BARBUS AIR 001 compressor, 250 watt fluorescent lamp
Water parameters: Temperature – 19 ° C, gh – 5.1, ph – 6.9
Additional info: Change of 1/5 for cold 3 times a week


Description of the area surrounding the biotope: The Osered River flows along the conditional border of the steppe and forest-steppe zones. The right bank is higher, reaches marks 187 m, almost throughout its length it is covered with deciduous forest with a predominance of oak. The Osered River is the left tributary of the Don. The source of the river is the keys, 8 km southeast of the city of Buturlinovka, Voronezh region, the mouth is located near Pavlovsk. The total length of more than 80 kilometers. The catchment area is 2420 km². Osered has 6 watercourses with a length of more than 10 km and 22 of less than 10 km. Nutrition of the river occurs due to precipitation.

Description of the underwater landscape of the biotope: The river passes through sandstone and limestone rocks, in some places granite stones are found. The bottom is covered with yellow sand.

Description of the parameters of the habitat: The water is clear, the average temperature in winter is 3.5 ° C, in summer 18 ° C

List of fishes and invertebrates occurring in the nature biotope: Rutilus rutilus, Scardinius erythrophthalmus, Cyprinus carpio, Gobio brevicirris, Theodoxus, Esox lucius, Perca fluviatilis, Lota lota

List of plants found in the nature biotope: Sagittaria sagittifolia, Lemna, Typha angustifolia, Nuphar lutea, Nymphaea alba, Potamogéton alpínus

Threats to the ecology: The aquarium was created in order to draw attention to the conservation of small reservoirs, which are characterized by shallow depth, but very clear water and a diverse underwater world of inhabitants and vegetation. The environmental threat in the face of vacationers is a widespread threat of today. Garbage (plastic bottles, bags), bonfires, gasoline are what a person leaves after resting on Osered River. To show how people harm the Osered biotope is partly the task of this work.

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