One of small brook inflow to Igarape Yavuari, Brazil

87th place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2019

Taiwan. Yu-Te Lin

Volume: 20 L
Dimensions: 36x22x26 cm
List of fishes: Tucanoichthys tucano, Apistogramma Elizabethea
List of plants: N/A
Description of decorations: The driftwood illustrates the root submerge in water on the right side. The twigs in the tank simulate there are twigs lying down the brook. The bottom is cover with a thick layer of leaf litter, I used Quercus glauca leaves to replace the ficus leaves, and Hazel sterculia fruit is a natural bredding environment for the Apistogramma Elizabethea. The sand is JBL white with crushed leaves and peat mixed all together
Description of equipment: The Seven Star external pump(360L/H)
Lightening is ADA Aquasky G 361
Water parameters: Temperature is 25~28°C, Ph 6
Additional info: change half of chlorine removed water once a week


Description of the area surrounding the biotope: The biotope locality is a brook emptying into Igarape Yavuari, which is a tributary from Rio Uaupes, Brazil. Tucanoichthys Tucano, named after the Indians ethnic group Tucano whom from this area. This species was found in the brook where about 20 kilometers above the mouth of Igarape Yavuari. The main of tree is ficus also have leopoldina palms and other tree.
Description of the underwater landscape of the biotope: The brook color is dark brown. It’s caused by leaves, thin branches and a lot of chunky trunks of dead wood covering with brook bottom. The thin branches and roots provide shelter for aquatic organisms and there is no any plants.
Description of the parameters of the habitat: The water is clear even if the color is black. The pH is around 4, which caused by dead wood and leaves with significant amount of tannins. The conductivity is 24 µS/cm, because of extremely low-mineral. The water temperature is 26°C at 30cm depth.
List of fishes and invertebrates occurring in the nature biotope: Tucanoichthys Tucano, Ivanacara adoketa, Crenicichla sp., Amblydoras sp., Apistogramma Elizabethea
List of plants found in the nature biotope: N/A
Threats to the ecology: Tucanoichthys Tucano is only found in 200m of this brook so far. They probably will endanger due to their sensitivity to water quality once this area get any pollutions.
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