Near the tributary of the Lorentz River

The 19th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013

ukraine Ukraine. Nicolay Muzhichuk

Volume: 60 L
List of fishes: Melanotaenia ogilbyi
List of plants: Ceratophyllum sp., Microsorum pteropus, Vallisneria spiralis, Staurogyne repens, Nephrolepsis biserrata
Biotope description: The aquarium was set up based on a tributary biotope of the Lorentz River that flows to the north of Timika, West Papua. Tributaries calmly flow into the Lorenz River, which is one of the largest slow-flowing river in the southern lowlands of West Papua and into the sea. The river flows through several major wetland biotopes, including freshwater marshes, forests, peat swamps and mangroves. Slowly flowing through the rainforest, this is not wide and deep river has surprisingly rich aquatic vegetation. Along the shore Ceratophyllum grows with Vallisneria, which covers the small Staurogyne and other lower plants from the sun, creating a peaceful place. Some plant species are semi-aquatic. Nephrolepsis leaves hanging over the water, like the branches of palm trees leaning over the coolness of the water wanting to dip into its transparent moist. And only Melanotaenias like fireflies in pursuit of sunbeams contribute the dynamics of life to this tranquility.

I had a real problem to decide if the nearly authentic biotope reconstruction of Nicolay or the one from Vera is to be the number one. Only the less than 0.2 points lower than Vera’s resulted from the fact that this rainbow fish (Melanotaenia ogilbyi) does not live alone, there are several Pseudomugil species, i.e. ivantsoffi, novaguineae, pellucidus, etc.

Heiko Bleher (Italy)