Middle Amazonas, at the area around Manaus

3oth place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

netherlands Netherlands. Gert Blank

Aquarium Volume: 720 L
Fish and invertebrates: Pterophyllum leopoldi, Biotodoma cupido, Apistogramma sp. Erdfresser, Apistogramma cf. pertensis, Nannostomus beckfordi, Hypoptopoma sp., Hemiloricaria sp., Copella sp.
Plants list: Hydrocleys nymphoides, Echindorus ozelot
Biotope description: This biotope is based on the area around Manaus were the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes flow into the Rio Amazonas. Fish in this biotope are mainly from the Rio Negro section, but also appear in the Rio Solimoes. In this tank I wanted create a tree trunk that has been rotten and only the roots are still visible in the water. Fish in this tank are selected based on info could find about both river sections.

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