Malebo Pool Biotope

The 44th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013

USA. Marcus Beilman

Volume: 568 L
List of fishes: Ctenopoma acutirostre, Synodontis nigriventris, Phenacogrammus interruptus, Steatocranus tinanti, Steatocranus casuarius
Biotope description: This aquarium is based on fast flowing waters of the Congo River which flow through Malebo Pool. The rocky outcroppings and wooden debris provide shelter for the countless species which inhabit the turbulent waterway.

Another very nice set-up and almost authentic to a biotope in the Malebo pool area, only not really do these species live in the currant, more along the edges/bank. But well done and my points almost equal those of the other judges.

Heiko Bleher (Italy)