Khwae Yai – the river of contrasts

The 29th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013

belarus Belarus. Aliaksei Kirhizau

Volume: 25 L
List of fishes: Aplocheilus lineatus var. Gold
List of plants: Pogostemon helferi, Vesicularia dubyana
Biotope description: The aquarium created based on the river Khwae Yai biotope, Thailand. Daily fluctuations in the water level of the river reach five meters. On some parts of the river there is rapid flow, rocky bottom. In such a place Pogostemon helferi was found for the first time, now it is an aquarium plant, which grows well both on the bottom of the river, and between the rocks, as well as emerged.

The biotope is very well done according to the Khwae Yai River and I am very happy to see this, rarely anyone has done or chosen to do a biotope from this remote river. The down point, why I did not give more than the 9th place, was the fishes, they do not belong there, they are a tank bred form. (But I still was better than the other judges).

Heiko Bleher (Italy)