Inle Lake, Burma

The 48th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2014

belarus Belarus. Yriy Shamkalovich

Volume: 60 L
List of fishes: Microrasbora rubescens, Petruichthys brevis, Sawbwa resplendens
List of plants: Nelumbo nucifera, Ipomoea aquatica, Ceratophyllum submersum, Utricularia gibba, Lemna minor
Biotope description: Inle Lake, Burma.

I must say also that “Inle Lake” is not over done with plants, the lake where I collected the first Sawbwa resplendens alive, is really completely dense as shown with plants – throughout their habitat, Yuri has done it correctly.

Heiko Bleher (Italy)

I have swam in places like this one. A layer of large amount of aquatic plants cover the surface. Below the plants there is an empty dark space where fishes swim around. The gently sloping of the substrate breaks the monotony of the underworld.

Ivan Mikolji (Venezuela)

Any kind of description of the biotope would have been nice! However, it does approximate a shallow shoreline section of Lake Inle quite well. The emergent vegetation on the right side bank, and the sand sloping down into the weed-choked deeper waters looks correct for the biotope. Likewise, all plants and fish have been carefully selected from those that occur in Lake Inle, and would be found in the same area. The overall impression is of a lush, overgrown chunk of Lake Inle. Unfortunately the photographs are of somewhat poor quality, especially of the fish (which must have been difficult due to the darkness of the biotope), and not much attention was given to cleaning the glass before photographing either.

Michael Salter (Canada)