Calm bay of small tributary of Mamberamo River

The 20th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2015

poland Poland. Jakub Kijak

Volume: 112 L
List of fishes: Melanotaenia praecox
List of plants: Vallisneria spiralis
Biotope description: The Mamberamo River is the largest northern river of West Papua and the center of the Mamberamo river system. There are a number of tributaries, slow-flowing streams and backwaters. Different species of rainbowfish are very common in region. I tried to recreate one of the slow flowing tributaries. However water moved part of the sand and covered driftwood. I used dry Phragmites australis, dry tropical leaves, fine driftwood and Vallisneria spiralis. I also used white sand according to that biotope.

The Mamberamo River biotope is one of my favourites in the whole competition, combining terrestrial palm leaves with biotope specific fish to make a stunning aquarium scene. Very nice indeed and one I like to replicate.

Jeremy Gay (Great Britain)

Palm fronds and marginal grasses enhance the realism of being along the shore in this representation of a sheltered spot along the river. The sandy floor looks a bit too clean though, as one might expect more leaves and debris. Likewise, the driftwood is a bit too neat and clean, too strategically placed. However, the fish seem at home and are behaving as they would in the wild.

Michael Salter (Canada)