Betta puddle, northern Chao Praya river, Thailand

69th place in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

bulgaria Bulgaria. Ivaylo Slavov

Aquarium Volume: 10 L
Fish and invertebrates: Betta splendens
Plants list: None
Biotope description: The Chao Phraya  the major river in Thailand. The Chao Phraya begins at the confluence of the Ping  and Nam river and two tributaries Pa Sak and Sakae Krang River. Water Basin is 160,400 km2. In this area monsoon weather dominates, with a rainy season lasting from May to October. Temperatures range from 24 to 33 °C.  The water pH range: 6.0 – 8.0. The water is dark and cloudy. The Chao Phraya basin is home to around 300+ species of fish with about 190 native fish species in the mainstream. The watersides are changing from  forests to villages and big cities, which is changing the water parameters a lot. Forest watersides are full with branches, leaves and floating plants.

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