New Guinea

The 8th place in the qualifying stage of the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2014

poland Poland. Jakub Kijak

Volume: 112 L
List of fishes: Melanotaenia praecox
List of plants: Phragmites australis, Vallisneria nana
Biotope description: This fish is endemic to the Mamberamo river system in New Guinea. Tends to inhabit swiftly flowing tributaries off the main river. The fish congregate around areas of aquatic vegetation, or submerged roots and logs. I tried to imitate one of the small fast flowing tributaries. The current causes little plant vegetation in mainstream. On the bank, over water level Phragmites australis founds better conditions for growing. To recreate swiftly flowing stream I used dark pebbles. I also used white sand and very few Vallisneria nana according to that biotope.

This could simply not be the 3rd place, because of the name; of too many rocks; and again swiftly flowing stream is unknown to the species, unless it floods. My 5th place.

Heiko Bleher (Italy)

A very natural looking water body which sets the scene for a natural habitat and biotope very well.

Jeremy Gay (Great Britain)

A beautiful biotope. Arrangement of stones and wood is very well, natural. Congratulations!

Victor Mihai (Romania)

This entry reminded me of what you see underwater in the wild. The balance between the amount of “living volume and space” suits the scanty monospecies setup.

Ivan Mikolji (Venezuela)